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also if you click ion the above pic it links to an old thing and pictures i did about burning man 2000... in 2001 we had been back from BM for just a few days when right down a few blocks from my loft on Greenwich Street the planes hit the towers... during the following weeks i had dreams about planes falling from the skies

The site here is named for Bill Burroughs “Cities Of The Red Night” published in 1981... a long time ago now a days...

   I always got something evocative from the title...

The line “We can’t arrest a ghost,” is from ‘Cities...’

If i remember correctly The Cities Of The Red Night is the title of a pamphlet that shows up halfway through the book and then comprises most of the second half therein.

I was lucky enough to have been friends with Bill... i’ve been lucky to have been friends with a lot of people...

scenes inside the goldmine and etc. etc.

from left... the Nevada

desert and the RV rear-view mirror, on the way to Burning Man (also a link to my almost ten year old BM photo essay... the guy, the statue is in the lobby of the Royal Gardens hotel in London... the UFO or strange light condition is over Helsinki



‘Who Shot Rock’ photo show...down is recording the upcoming ‘record’ or whatever one calls it these days

your humble narrator and (his) associate

“just try and shake your head a thousand years from now”

so this is a pretty simple discussion here, (i was trying to sound intelligent)... Bill is just saying that war is part of the natural plan, universe whatever... he drops a lot of phrases that come from Buddhism, he and Kerouac, Ginsberg and co. were all enthusiastic followers... i dont really think that Bill was a devoted practitioner... he was more of a mystic or animist in my opinion

this was shot in the basement of the last and biggest Warhol factory which was the old Con Ed building on Madison and 33rd street for a segment of Andy’s cable tv show hence the models who were directed to wander through the shots...